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There are Many Christian Rings….There is Only One Ring of Christ

Sterling Silver Ring of Christ in presentation box on grey background

Ring of Christ in Sterling Silver
A modern reproduction of the ancient Chi-Rho ring found with a Christian father who died shielding his family.

which is an inspired reproduction of the original Chi-Rho bronze ring, the oldest piece of Christian jewelry ever unearthed.

Little is known of the man who wore the ring, but what archeologists do know is that he was a young father who used his own body to protect his wife and baby during the cataclysmic earthquake that devastated the island of Cyprus more than 1,600 years ago.

They also know that he willingly gave his life to shield his family and that he was a Christian who wore the sign of his faith openly in 365AD.

The archeological team from the University of Arizona discovered the skeletal remains and the ring in 1987 at what is known today as the Earthquake House. A detailed account of the entire excavation can be read in the book, Kourion: The Search for the Lost Roman City by David Soren and Jamie James.

Room where the young Christian family, and the Ring of Christ, were unearthed

The Christian family died in this room
Their skeletal remains were unearthed in Kourion’s Earthquake House by a team from the University of Arizona.

Quote: 1600 years later I can look at this father and at what he did and say: "I understand"

A young Father of today reads their Story…
I can look at the ring now and see that man’s love for his family. It reminds me of my own love.

The Little-known Early Christian History of Cyprus

Cyprus played an integral part in early Christian History, though the events of the first 400 years are often overlooked. Few people know that Christianity reached Cyprus before Barnabas and Paul arrived or that both Barnabas and Lazarus are buried here. Paul performed his first miracle and received his name in Paphos. Eustolios of Kourion was one of the first to openly dedicate his home to Christ. One of the oldest pieces of Christian jewelry ever publicly worn was found in Cyprus, which is also home to some of the world’s most ancient monasteries, housing sacred relics and precious icons.


The Island’s Basilicas
The building of basilicas began in the latter 4th Century, once Christianity became the Empire’s religion.

Interior of St Lazarus Church

St Lazarus Church
Constructed during the 9th Century, the church is built over his tomb and his relics are venerated there.

Entrance to one of the main worship areas at the underground church complex

Underground Churches of Cyprus
For two hundred and fifty years, Christians had to pray out of sight or underground.

Christian Mosaic depicting a Fish at the House of Eustolios

The House of Eustolios
Eustolios’ House in Kourion was one of the first residences to be openly dedicated to Jesus Christ.


4th Century Chi-Rho symbol from the Ring of Christ

4th Century Chi-Rho
This symbol was etched onto the Christian ring unearthed at Kourion by David Soren and his team in 1987.


The Mountaintop Monatery of Stavrovouni, seen from below

The Monasteries of Cyprus
Dating back to the 4th Century, Cyprus is home to some of the oldest monasteries in the world.

Map showing the route taken by St Barnabas on his second journey through Cyprus

The Acts of Barnabas
Barnabas’ second mission to Cyprus ended in the Saint’s martyrdom and burial at Salamis.


The walls of Famagusta, pictured during a tour in 2012

Private Religious Tours of Cyprus
Our small, customized tours take you to Cyprus’ most holy sites, in the footsteps of Barnabas and Paul.


Map charting the route of St Barnabas and St Paul during their first missionary journey to Cyprus

Barnabas and Paul’s First Mission
Not only did Barnabas and Paul visit Cyprus on their first mission, but Paul also performed his first miracle here

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