Chi Rho Ring

The Bronze Chi Rho Ring unearthed at KourionThe Father’s Ring

This ancient Christian Chi-Rho ring was found in 1987 in the ruins of the Earthquake House next to the skeletal remains of the young father embracing his wife and child.   He had been wearing this ring etched with the Monogram of Christ when he died.

The Chi-Rho ring of Kourion is the earliest piece of Christian jewelry ever found with its wearer.

Room where the young family was unearthed at the Kourion Earthquake HouseThe Room of the Earthquake House where the Family was Unearthed

No one knows if the young father wearing the Christian sign had a connection through his ancestors with the Battle of Milivan Bridge where the sign was given to Constantine.

What is surely known is that the man wearing the ring in Kourion, on the day the devastating earthquake hit, was not afraid to show that he was a Christian and that he was wearing his Chi-Rho ring.

What was it like in Kourion in 365AD?  It was still a time when pagans and Christians lived side by side as they did throughout the vast empire, but not always harmoniously.   Sporadic aggressive acts which were motivated by the difference in religious beliefs were common, though systematic persecution of Christians was over.

Kourion would have had a diverse population which represented most cultures of the Mediterranean as did every city of the region. It would be yet another 15 years before Christianity would be made the religion of the Roman Empire.

The Chi-Rho symbol with the alpha and omega as it is on the the Father’s ring.


4th Century Chi-Rho symbol from the Ring of Christ

This Symbol became the Victory Sign for All Christians Then and Now.

It was within 50 years of the day that Constantine received the Chi-Rho sign from God on the eve of Battle of Milivan Bridge.  He was told if he put the symbol on the shields of his soldiers, he’d win the battle and become emperor of the Eastern and Western Roman Empire.

The father’s ring with the skeletal remains of the family can be seen at the Kourion Museum in Episkopi, Cyprus.

A sterling silver replica is available for sale on this site.

The display case containing the young family's skeleton at the Kourion Museum in EpiscopiThe Remains of the Christian Family in the Kourion Museum

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