St. Epiphanios Basilica in Salamis

Icon of St EpiphaniosIcon of St Epiphanios from
St Barnabas Monastery

Epiphanios was the Bishop of Salamis from 368 to403AD; it is believed that it was during this period the first basilica was built. Because two major earthquakes hit the city in 331AD and 341AD, it would not have been built before. Once completed archaeologists believe that it could have covered over 100,000 square feet making it the largest basilica on the island.

One tradition says that the basilica was built on the site where Barnabas was martyred.  According to Acts of Barnabas, he was taken out of town and burned by the hippodrome.

Ruins of St Epiphanios Basilica at Salamis
Ruins of St Epiphanios Basilica
St Epiphanios Basilica Panoramic Shot

Apse and Transept

When the basilica was expanded and renovated after the Arab raids that lasted over two hundred years, it was the first multi-dome church to be built on Cyprus.  All later churches of that period copied the style of Ayios Epiphanios Basilica.

Center Aisle of Epiphanios BasilicaNave of Epiphanios Basilica

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