Ring of Christ Personal Pilgrimages

We are proud to offer our unique Personal Pilgrimages to Cyprus each year in April.¬†Delving deeply into the island’s rich Christian and Medieval History, we show you a Cyprus few people know about. Here are just a few things awaiting you:

Walk in the Footsteps of St Barnabas and St Paul

The initial stage of their first proselytizing mission took Barnabas and Paul clear across Cyprus. Our tour takes you on a journey to the many historical locations they visited as they traversed the island’s Roman roads

The main road leading into the ancient city of Salamis

Main Road into Salamis

Column at Campanopetra Basilica in Salamis

Campanopetra, Salamis

Side aspect of the Proconsul's audience chamber in Paphos

Proconsul's Audience Room

Follow St Barnabas on his Second Journey to Cyprus

Landing near Lapitos on the island’s north coast, St Barnabas made a second visit to Cyprus some years after his initial mission with Paul. We follow his route through the Troodos Mountains, down to the coastal cult-center of Palaepaphos, and on to Salamis, where he was martyred and buried.

Ancient Church at Kormakitis Village on Cyprus' North Coast

Kormakitis Village

The courtyard at Ayios Ioannis Lambadistis Monastery in the Troodos Mountains

Ayios Ioannis Lambadistis

Offshore remains of the ancient harbor of Salamis

Remains of Salamis Harbor

Visit the famed Painted Churches of the Troodos Mountains

Though they are a somewhat later part of Cyprus’ Christian history, the Painted Churches of the Troodos Mountains are an unmissable part of any pilgrimage to the island. Designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites, they represent medieval Christian art at its very finest.

Spectacular mural, depicting the Virgin and Child and other biblical scenes

Virgin and Child

Panagia Phorbiotissa Church at Niktari

Panagia Phorbiotissa

Vaulted Church Ceiling depicting a variety of Biblical scenes

Archangelos Michael

Visit Cyprus’ Ancient Cities

Cyprus is an island rich in ancient history, with many of its city-kingdoms playing integral parts to the spread of early Christianity. From the ruins of Salamis Roman harbor, via the scenic grandeur of Kourion, and on to the Roman capital of Paphos, your journey will show you a Cyprus you never knew existed.

Column at Kourion's Basilica, with the coastal cliffs and Mediterranean Sea as backdrop

Ancient Kourion
Founded at the time of the Trojan War, Kourion is one of the most ancient of the island’s City Kingdoms.

Colonnade at the Proconsul's Villa Publica in Paphos

Roman Paphos
Nea Pafos, as the city was then called, served as Cyprus’ Capital at the time of Barnabas and Paul’s visit.

The Ruins of Ancient Salamis in Spring

Roman Salamis
The city where Barnabas and Paul landed was one of the main ports in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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