Ever notice how most SEOs think the same?

Six stereotypical SEOs with boxes on their heads
I have...

And all too often that "Box" gets their clients into trouble.


Since you're here, chances are you need one of two Services:

Strategic Website Promotion

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Chances are you need to improve your website’s rankings and profitability. In all probability you’ve been ‘burned’ by SEO[s] already, and you’re wary of big promises. If that sounds at all familiar, you’re not alone. It’s something that happens to companies at all levels, from Mom & Pop online businesses to Multi-National Corporations.

This is the kind of scenario where I'm contracted to get the website back on track. Find out how I can help.

SEO Disaster Recovery

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Worst case scenario for a commercial website is Google taking Manual Action against it. This happens when the site’s Webmaster Guidelines violations are severe enough for the search engine to manually affect its rankings.

The consequence is invariably a massive loss of traffic and revenue. Once a Manual Action has been applied, the road to recovery is long and hard, and it can often take months to get this kind of penalty lifted. Find out more...

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My full range of services is far wider, but the above two make up about 70% of my workload.


Business Essentials by Orka Solutions
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Pilot Program

Business Essentials is a Google TC-Driven educational program aimed at small and medium businesses.

British Airways Passenger Jet
Business Lessons in
Brand Suicide

British Airways seems bent on destroying its brand. What can other businesses learn from this?

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